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Our Guarantees & FAQ

As soon as possible after your year end. Use the Checklist we supply to ensure that all the information we need is collated. Contact us and agree a date with us when you will provide us with your books and records.

We guarantee that we will provide you with your initial draft accounts within 28 days (excluding bank and public holidays) of your providing us with all your books and records. This is on the basis that you provide us with complete information and answer any queries we have quickly. The 28 days will not include any days we are waiting for responses from you regarding queries, missing items or further information needed by us.

Up-Front Pricing is our approach to helping clients control their expenses. You will always know how much our work is going to cost before we do it. It’s our solution to the problems of hourly billing.
How many other things do you buy without knowing the price beforehand? With hourly billing, you never know how much you’re going to pay for a case or project until after it’s done.
Yes. Hourly billing pits the interests of the client against the interests of the accountancy firm. If a project takes longer to complete – which is bad for the client – the accountancy firm makes more money – which is good for the accountancy firm.
Nobody wants surprises on their bills. That’s why we tell you how much a job is going to cost before we do it. At Castle View, you don’t pay for our time – you pay for the work we do and the value you receive.
First, we talk with you and learn about your requirements. Then we figure out the best course of action consistent with your goals. We then decide what the scope of that action is, and we tell you the price.

If the scope of the job changes, we will send you a change order setting out the new scope and the price for that change.

With Up-Front Pricing, we give you a price for the job we are going to do for you. Firms that bill hourly will usually quote you a rate. You do not know the price unless they can tell you how many hours the job is going to take and most firms are reluctant to commit to their prediction of the number of hours.

Call us. We will be happy to answer all your questions on why this approach is better for you.

Castle View has a commitment to providing a high-quality service. We meet each of the following criteria:

  • Operational standards (Our organisation’s mission, values and aims meet the highest industry standards. We comply with equal opportunities legislation.)
  • Contract capability (We have the personnel, expertise and resources to deliver the work for our clients requirements)
  • Delivery process (We have effective procedures and systems in place to meet delivery timetables for all our services, including accounts.)
  • Delivery and output evaluation (We actively seek feedback on processes and outcomes of our work.)
  • Continuous improvement (We have a program of training and development activities to develop our staff and our services.)
Yes. We want to you to be comfortable asking us for advice, so we do not make a charge for initial enquiries.

We will give you unlimited telephone support on ad-hoc matters without additional charge. If we need to do some extensive research or calculations, we will advise you of the work and agree a price with you before we start any job.

Yes. Please feel free to call during office hours or email at any time.

Approximately 75% of our clients are charities and voluntary sector organisations and this is where our expertise lies. We also work with individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies and LLP’s.

Ethical & Environmental Policy

We ensure this policy is applied in all areas of our organisation and our operations. We will never knowingly act for nor do business with companies whose practices conflict with this direction.

As an organisation, we are conscious of the changing world around us. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is all encompassing, from local issues to global issues here are some of the ways we try to do our bit:

We have an ethical and environmental policy which is intended to indirectly and directly benefit our clients and the wider community.

We will apply this policy in all areas of our operations. We will never knowingly act for nor do business with companies whose practices conflict with this ethical policy.

Recycling & Resource Usage
We recycle wherever possible: paper, glass, cans, plastic and cardboard. In combination with an ambition to minimise our use of resources across our business. This means printing double-sided or using discarded print as scrap paper, emailing documents instead of printing hard copies, and using our website as a marketing tool instead of producing wasteful and unnecessary glossy brochures. We use 100% recycled or FSC mixed source paper for all our business stationery.
Where practical we walk, cycle or use public transport to visit our clients.
Ethical and Sustainable Trade
We support fair trade producers whenever we can. We use local ethical businesses and suppliers whenever we can and ensure that our suppliers share our values.
Animal Welfare
We will not act for nor do business with any business involved in blood sports, animal testing or the fur trade.
Human Rights

We will not act for any business that breaches basic human rights within its sphere of influence or any business whose links to an oppressive regime are a continuing cause for concern.

Furthermore, we will seek to support companies and organisations that support fair trade, humane working conditions, and international standards of human rights.

Military Weapons

We will not act for nor do business with any company involved in the manufacture or design of weapons, instruments of warfare or torture, or that derives from weapons-related products or services.

Employee Relations

We will not act for nor do business with any company that disregards employee relations in the areas of health and safety, labour practices, employee benefits, or employment equality.

We will be a fair employer and will actively strive to be progressive in employee relations.

Global Trade

We will not act for nor do business with any business with irresponsible marketing practices in developing countries.

We will seek to support businesses which take a responsible position with regards to fair trade and labour rights in their own operations and through their supply chains in developing countries.

Ecological Impact

We will not act for nor do business with any business whose core activity contributes to: global warming, for example the production of fossil fuels or the manufacture of chemicals harmful to the environment, the unsustainable harvest of natural resources, including timber and fish.

Furthermore, we will seek to support companies involved in recycling and sustainable waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable natural products and services, including timber and organic produce and the pursuit of ecological sustainability.


We will not act for nor do business with any company that manufactures tobacco products or derives significant revenue from tobacco-related production.

Social Enterprise

We will seek to support charities and the broad range of organisations which make up the Social Enterprise sector, including co-operatives, credit unions, community finance initiatives.

Business Conduct

Castle View Accounting ensures that its operations comply with the highest legal and professional standards demanded of accountants. During daily business, we may need to make decisions on ethical issues not addressed by this policy.


Independent Examiners and Charity Specialists with a wealth of Knowledge, skill, expertise

We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.